About Us



The African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum (ABSF) is a member based organization founded in the year 2000 by a group of top Kenyan Scientists. This was at time when the country and the region as a whole were in need for mechanisms of enhancing awareness as well as instituting appropriate regulatory environment necessary for the development of biotechnology. ABSF therefore aims to create an enabling environment in which Africa can participate and benefit from biotechnology in a responsible and sustainable manner.  The organization, through its advocacy and dissemination of accurate and balanced information creates a forum through which diverse biotechnology stakeholders can articulate their aspirations, concerns and experiences needed for mutually beneficial and sustainable utilization of biotechnology. Given the diversity in its membership, ABSF is recognized by both Government and Non Governmental organizations as the umbrella organization representing all biotechnology stakeholders.

Biotechnology is a key asset for Africa in the new millennium. Agricultural, medical and environmental biotechnology offers Africa formidable tools to address food insecurity, disease, environmental pollution and poverty.

The African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum (ABSF) is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-sectarian association providing a platform for sharing, debating and understanding all issues pertaining to biotechnology in agriculture, health, industry and environment.

ABSF represents all stakeholders in biotechnology in Africa currently with over 1300 individual members in 31 African countries, including small and medium sized enterprises involved in research, development, testing and commercialization of biotechnology applications as well as national biotechnology forums in 18 African countries.

Through its membership, ABSF is the window and voice of millions of biotechnology stakeholders in Africa representing farmers, scientists, consumers, manufacturers, politicians and government bodies.

An enabling environment for biotechnology development and application in Africa, sustained by a vibrant well networked and coordinated stakeholder base

ABSF’s Mission is to create an innovative and enabling Biotechnology Environment in Africa through Education, Enhanced Understanding and Awareness creation on all aspects of Biotechnology, Biosafety and Intellectual Property Rights.

i) To provide a forum for sharing and exchanging experiences and practices in biotechnology with a view of strengthening its application for increased food security, health improvement, poverty alleviation, industrialization and environmental conservation in Africa;

ii) To provide a Policy Dialogue and Public Interface forum on emerging issues in biotechnology in Africa. Key amongst this is biotechnology policy, legal and regulatory frameworks development for countries in Africa;

iii) To improve public understanding of biotechnology through provision of accurate information to consumers, media and policy makers to ensure that biotechnology is accurately represented at all levels of society;

iv) To explore innovation and appropriate biotechnology applications and facilitate their adoption for sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Africa;

v) To create capacity for information generation, dissemination on appropriate application of biotechnology;

vi) To facilitate research, development, education, capacity building and training on biotechnology as well as policy and infrastructure development for meeting Africa’s needs in biotechnology.