A Serial GMO fear monger is smoked out -Nairobi (October 19, 2012)

  A Serial GMO fear monger is smoked out Nairobi (October 19, 2012)  - Despite coinstar financials Coinstar Money Transfer, CYPRUS, LIMASSOL the clear benefits seo site analyzer of modern biotechnology towards food security, poverty alleviation and socio-economic development, this science continues to be engulfed in controversy that threatens to thwart its real value. Often, the discourse surrounding this crucial technology is hinged on misinformation

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Vacancy: Director of Programs

Vacancy: Director of Programs We are seeking a dynamic, innovative, self-motivated, and service-orientated professional for the position of Director of Programs. The position will be based at the ABSF’s Offices in Nairobi, Kenya, but will interact with all ABSF’s satellite in Africa. The African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum (ABSF) is a member based organization founded in the year 2000 by a group of top Kenyan scientists. The organization,

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Biotechnology will revolutionise farming in Kenya

  Today a new revolution is knocking at Africa’s door—agricultural biotechnology. It promises to do for agriculture what mobile technology has done for communication. My second book, The Gene Hunters, written in 1989 was seven years ahead of the first commercial release of biotechnology crops in the United States. It was claimed then that biotechnology would only benefit rich farmers, destroy the environment and undermine food security.

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